I don’t think we’re the right one. We have literally nothing to talk about. 

Well. I will start from the beginning. 

Today is a special day, where I got Kitty, 2 guys and YL (one of my bff) to go karaoke. Well, it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for me to spend time with him…..

But anyway, my conclusion is, WE DON’T CLICK. 

Arrgggh. He is adorable and really can sing well, just that he don’t want to. 

And throughout the journey back, we didn’t talk much. Maybe he is tired after a long karaoke session and ball game, I’m tired too. We just… don’t talk….that much…. Not as much as compared to D.

My plan, my 2 days challenge (count down to my flight back to Malaysia), or 11days challenge (countdown for days before new year–where my 2013 new year resolution is not to swear and get a boyfriend) is failing. They are falling apart. 

Sigh. Never mind. I don’t really care. My heart sank a bit but I kinda see this coming. Therefore, I wasn’t that disappointed by the fact that we are not the right match. Maybe another one. 

Well, another thing. Coincidentally, We (me, YL and Kitty) bumped into D at our dorm’s entrance. He saw us. We walked into the lobby together, small talked. As we waited for the lift and it came, 2 lifts opened at the same time. AWKWARD. YL swiftly walked into the lift at the left, while Kitty said bye and walked into right lift. D was half walking in the left. Without thinking at all, I was storming into the left lift together with them without sayin’ bye to Kitty. 

“That was awwwkkaarrrddd, what happend?”- D


He knows how I felt towards Kitty. But he should know better. Between D and Kitty, I’ll still choose D. 



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