37 Tips For A Better 2014

31. Sometimes you can’t save a person. They have to save themselves.
I have to learn and know, I can’t save him if he don’t save himself. Same thing goes to me, myself.

Thought Catalog

  1.  You are no longer a kid. You are not a child, and you are not a boy or girl. You are men and women. Get used to the concept and regard yourself as such.
  1. Greatness is always gossiped about. What others say or think about you is really none of your business. Don’t make it your concern
  2. Expect what you say to unfailingly come back to you in some form.
  3. Your actions are your responsibility.
  4. Respect all living things — their ways and their choices. Start with yourself.
  5. Don’t cry in public. Especially not at work. You are a professional, lock it down.
  6. Unless the ice cream flavor that best defines your soul is vanilla, there will be enemies. Choose carefully.
  7. Explore. Experiment. Be wild.
  8. Drink more water.
  9. ALWAYS keep a sense of humor. It’s only life. No one gets out alive.
  10. The best way to ascertain a person’s true…

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