A terrible day.

I spilled my water bottle in my bag on the way to school, with my laptop inside. A terrible way to start my day. The water spilled all over my pants while I was in hurry to my examination. I simply don’t have the time to dry it. Therefore I stormed into my examination hall with my thigh soaked with water. It was damn cold and I have no choice.

The counseling final was terrible. Although I saw the pass year paper at very last minute and the similarity between those paper was like up to 75%, I can’t answer them well. I felt like a utter idiot. I studied it wrongly all these time. So wrong.

After the exam, the realization struck me. After one more assignment, I will have my freedom. But I don’t seem to feel like getting freedom. Hmm. I felt really bad. Because that paper was shitty. I can’t afford to score badly. I almost cried in the computer lab when the realization struck me. I hold myself back. I can’t just cry in the public for no apparent reason. But it really hurts from inside out when I see my future so bleak.

And I messaged D, asking how was his paper. He said nothing. But I know, he is crying/grieving/mourning/regreting inside  or somewhere private. He has to know and learn the hard way.


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