My love life from my bff’s perspective.

“Actually is there any chance you and D….? When I thought you guys have no chance but I changed my mind again. I don’t know I’m pretty confused can you please enlighten me?”

This kinda random question I kinda prep for it long time ago. YL, my new study buddy/bff shot me with such question during our lunch.** I’ve studying in the engineering lab for quite some time. Occasionally, D will come over and study too. Yesterday I walked back with him alone. He was down, sulked. His face tells the tales. He is so doomed for the coming finals.

I made a polite smile.

“Why would you even think like that? What do you think?”

I was trying to get more information from her. I want to learn more  from her perspective.

“I can see that your love ‘pool’. It is pretty limited, I guess you really have limited candidates. I can only see 3 of them. J, Kitty and D……..”

“Hmm. Interesting. Continue. ”

“You and Kitty, I’ll love to see you both together. It will be like a cutest couple in the world. He is too cute of a person. You both will be the low-key quiet little couple.”

“Yeap. He is too cute and adorable.”

“While you and J  like best buddy friends. It will be interesting to see how it goes.”

“Agreed. But I don’t think we can ever work out. He is a bit immature. ”

“Hmm. Interesting…………….”


” Of all, I think D is the most suitable candidate for you. You both have your own flaws, while you both can complement each other. He’s pretty mature although he’s younger than you. I can see you both can go a long way if it ever worked.”

I put up a little smile. Knowing that, that might never gonna happen. That just my heart being pessimist. I don’t want to disappoint myself all over again.


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