Little angel.

“You alone?”


A simple dinner at the school’s canteen.  I took my courage to ask Kitty for a dinner. Just a very random one. Because I don’t want to eat alone and I was guessing he’ll be in campus too. I dressed like a geek. Specs and hoody with sneakers. Really nerdy. I didn’t plan for this. I should have wear better but I didn’t plan for this anyway.

He was as usual, cute and handsome. But he was a bit tired looking. Didn’t look as perky as usual. I guess this is everyone’s mood now. We small talked and somewhere along, he blurted that he wasn’t doing well for his mid-terms. Apparently he failed all of them. He is a math major, therefore his course assessment are all exam-based. He simply can’t afford to lose it this final. Poor him. His honest confession made me felt sad, while happy that he was willing to self-disclose his weak side.

All I can do is be his little angel. By his side, try to cheer him up. There is nothing I can do anyway.


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