“Why not try to pursue Kitty?”

“When are you going to take action? Are you ever gonna take any action at all?? ”

My bff, YL was puzzled why I’m not taking any action, as she can clearly see I am interested in him.

“He is… he is a difficult one. I tell you. He is a difficult one. He definitely has some real ‘baggage’ with him.”

I saw a painting in his room. A couple at distant, with tree and rainbow. It is a lovely painting. But not too sure who is the couple in the painting or who painted it.

No matter what. It means something to him.

Well. Maybe I am the one who is with the ‘baggage’. I’m the one who couldn’t move on and this is just an excuse for me for not doing anything at all. Simply mean, I don’t know what to do with D and what are we gonna head to. Or ever gonna head to. Or never gonna head to.

I shall put this into hiatus. I don’t want to do anything.

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