Birthday regret.

I can relate to him, at some point. Kitty’s birthday was practically forgotten by everyone in this world. From what I see and stalked, there is only one person wished him on his timeline. It’s a belated wish. Not even an on-day wish. So pathetic.  He didn’t display his birthday on Facebook. So it is very unlikely anyone will remember or see at all. Unless you’re a stalker like me. *hahahahah….. I should be shame of myself.

Nonetheless, I felt related to him as I did something similar too, this year. I hid my birthday from my Facebook as I was in Africa. I wasn’t in mood to celebrate or anything. No one remembered my birthday and I got less than 3 wishes for my birthday. I didn’t regret this, but I want to prove is that birthday celebration is ruined since the creation of Facebook, or even Frienster for anyone still remember those days. No one wishes anyone on the face anymore. Birthday means way less nowadays.

But as the birthday boy/girl, 21th birthday is one of the thing that you need to celebrate. Accidentally, I saw his whatsapp status with a cake and smiley face. Obviously he was all excited with his birthday. But I’m not too sure he really do.

***I accidentally saw his whatsapp status because I wanted to ask him out for dinner at school. *finger crozz. Wish me luck.




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