Secret admirer.

Yup. I missed his birthday again. Over and over. Haizzz. This is kinda. Pathetic. I mean, I missed Kitty’s bday again.

Last year, I was the mystery secret admirer/Santa who placed a bar of Snicker in his mailbox without putting down my name. Just with his name and wish:

“Happy Birthday Sxxxxxx”

This year, I missed it, as I accidentally mixed up the time. It seems like still no one knows when is his birthday. No wishes on Facebook wall or whatsoever. I bumped into him today on the way doing some errands. I was with my make-ups and I looked like a total hipster, as I was gonna do a play in less than an hour. He was on the way out to dinner, apparently alone and he didn’t come to the play.

Therefore, this year I bought a box of Lindt chocolates for him. It is a bit pricy but I managed to get it only 25HKD. It’s fine. It’s totally worth it anyway. So, as usual I used the exact same type of paper and pen, placed ’em all in a bag and hang at his door.

I hope that will cheer him up a bit.


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