Few things.

There is a few things I want to address here today.

1. Angina

Lately, maybe since last week, I’ve experienced chest pain. Several times in different situation. I can feel the pain on my chest when I tried to breathe. It was scary. Crazy scary. I tried to breath really slow because it hurts. It comes and goes. Each time I can felt the pain at different place, but they are all at my chest. There is nothing I can do to ease the pain but to clutch my hand, place in, press hard against my chest. I can almost felt that I gonna die. I can smell my death during those moments. As it comes and goes, I don’t know what to do with it. If I ever die, *touch wood, I don’t think I have much regrets.

2. Choir comp

The choir group at my dorm that I’ve joined recently just received a news. We might want to join next year’s July choir competition at Austria!! I was ecstatic. But at the same time, I doubt myself if I ever manage to make the cut. I’m worried.

3. One year of knowing D.

November. It was 2012’s November. The exact date I don’t recall, but I remembered clearly it was November, where the cold comes and I was hoody all over like now. Now, it’s 15’C and probably the coldest I ever experience in HK.


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