I asked why he didn’t hide his blog. Because he clearly using his initials that anyone will figure out it’s him if someone really google him. Maybe that someone just me. He murmured,” I did that on purpose.”

I was puzzled at that moment. Because I don’t get it. The content of his blog, if anyone knows, he’s probably gonna have a hard time. Well, not really. Maybe the consequence is just me.


I’ve writing down a list of stuffs I’ve learnt this year. And I told him I got someone from US who read my blog on almost daily basis. I am really glad someone in this world read my blogs.

You know who you are. I hereby appreciates your views. I thank you for that.

He said it might be a proxy. But I don’t mind because a reader is a reader.

He said he can go to the server and look into my browsing history and figure out what’s my blog. I freaked out a little. I told him too much details of my blog. I was tempting him.

“You know, I am physically very near to your blog.” *with my laptop on my laps while I was checking my blog’s stats

“No I am no way letting you see this.”

Because the consequence of after he figures out my blog is unthinkable and that is not an option.  

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