Yesterday was bad. I couldn’t fall asleep, so I was browsing through 9gag on my smartphone endlessly, in hoping I’ll just fall asleep eventually. And yes I did slept soon after, around 3am I guess? 

But I was woke up by the cramps on my both calves, so violently that I was screaming out. But I am in single room. No one will hear me. It hurts so bad and I can’t move an inch because it’s on my both calves. It felt like forever, but it almost persisted for a minute. I was sweating all over. It was terrible. 

Today when I woke up, I can feel both of my calves still ache. As if they are so fragile they probably gonna have a second round of cramps at any moment. Now, I still felt very much handicapped.

I’m so scared. 


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