10 things (or more, subjected to increase) I’ve learnt from my Sophomore year.

A sudden thought of writing all this down, some wise words/advice for those who are going into university/college, this shall be very useful. I want to write’em down because I have this prawn-ny memory that I know I gonna forget about them later on, or make the same mistake again and again if I don’t jot them down. They shall be my life bible and things I’ve learnt from my sophomore year.

1. Handle rejection(s)(s)(s)

Rejection from friends. lovers, teachers, tutors, parents, lecturers, university and etc.. At some point of your life people will keep on rejecting you for things you matter the most to silly stuffs, from research proposal to dinner date. When you’re in bad mood, little rejection will just ‘kill’ you, break your little glass heart.

2. Love yourself first (because no one will).

Treat yourself well. It’s worth spur a few extra bucks on grocery, buying yourself some new treats, weird looking food packaging or a couple of boozes as private stash whenever you’re feeling down.

3. Solitude is your best friend.

Because no one will really care about you(or at least have the time to care about you because ain’t nobody got time for that (or you). Perhaps most of the time no one will be there to hear you whenever you being whiny or sad or being bitchy about everything in your life. If there is someone really willing to do this for you, never let’em go. He or she might just be the love of your life or the one and only. Trust me.

4. This is the time to play, love and be stupid or silly once for a while (& study really hard too!!).

Love hard, play hard. Because you’ve nothing to lose(don’t take my words so seriously and do drugs but it’s true, you don’t have to worry about a lot of stuffs like money and shits).

5. No point fight or compete with others.

Remember you, yourself is the worst enemy, the one and only enemy.* this is my life quote for now

“Be your better self.”

6. Love your past. Embrace it. Make peace with it. Make peace with yourself.

Sankofa, ‘the wisdom of learning from the past’. For those who never read my blog before, I’ve talked about this a while ago. See here: http://wp.me/p3jea7-m0

7. Love your parents. Call them. Tell them. Don’t take them for granted.

I’ve been away from my family for almost a year now. Recent reunion made me realize how much I’ve missed out, although it was just a year, I felt like they’ve aged so much. And I can’t turn back time to live it right. So please, for god’s sake, call them as often as possible. Tell them you love them, miss them. Your time with them won’t be long. I promised you won’t regret doing this.

8. Find a hobby (a real hobby that you can keep it for the rest of your life).

For me, I just bought a very expensive guitar because of my small hands. And I’m determined to be Ed Sheeran one day XD!

9. Internet sucks.

Internet relationship doesn’t count!! If you talk more through messages than face-to-face, you gonna have a hard time, trust me on this ;D I’ve been there before and I don’t want that happen to me once more. *I learnt this whole lesson from the experience with J. The guy I talked so much through Facebook during my freshman semester one, we practically shared this weird platonic relationship on Facebook, until I realized how is this gonna ends(badly). And it was weird when we see each other and we don’t talk as much as we talked through message. So, I abruptly stop messaging to him at the end of first semester.

10. You’re no longer the big fish in the pond. 

Everyone is gonna be better than you, especially when you’re at one of the most prestigious university in the world. You might felt bad, handicapped or terrible for not being as smartass as others, but well somehow you’ve to face the truth. You’re not good in anything or everything anymore. You’ll always be not good enough. So my another life quote/motto is

 “Aim for the best, expect the worst.”



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