My parents just left today, after 9 days of vacation in Hong Kong, back to Malaysia. Since collage days, about 3 years ago, I moved out of my house and stayed at hostel, go home on weekly basis.  I’m not so attach to my family, compare to others. I’m more of towards my friends.

Time passes, since 3 years ago, things changes.

This time, I saw my parents starting to age, both mentally and physically. That worries me, a lot.

On the way back home, back to my dorm after sent off my parents at the train station, I saw a family of 4 on the bus. The daddy was holding/cuddling his sleeping 4-years-old child while the mom was chatting with the another child.

At that moment, my eyes was swelling with tears. I almost cried in that instant.

The time I missed,  I can’t get back. I should spent more time with my family. I should try to reconnect with them. I don’t have the time. The thinking that they are getting older, it saddens me.

While there is nothing much to do.


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