The answer.

Yesterday, me, D and YL, another gal BFF in my dorm we both talked shit from 12 am till 7am. The highlights are as below.

“Recently people have been talking you’re being overly-desperate. I don’t think it’s gonna be good for your sake. You might wanna tone down a bit.”- YL

“Whattt??? I haven’t been doing anything wooo =___=” – me

I’ve been really down toned lately.  I am no longer interested in searching a partner. Because I don’t know how I felt, or ready to move on. I’m currently in this regression. I’m not interested. Maybe because of D.

“The thing is that, if two person starts as friends, they feel good, they both like each other, why not starts relationship? “-YL

She wasn’t directly addressing us both, just saying out loud as a statement, ended with a wink to me. I didn’t utter a word, because I don’t know how to react. D was just sitting right in front of me, as we both know much clearer what happened between us. We’ve passed that stage. I’ve confessed to him 5 months ago and no one really knows about it. I don’t know what to say. Or say the right words or things. I just look at him, looked into his eyes. He gazed back. I guess both of us don’t have the answer.



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