For Introverts, College Can Be The Loneliest Place On Earth

Thought Catalog

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I’m not naturally an extrovert. When given the option to stay in bed and watch Netflix on a Friday night versus going out with a few acquaintances, throwing back shots, forcing a smile, and having confusing yelled pieces of conversations with strangers, nine times out of ten I will choose the former. My issue is that my social interaction directly corresponds to my general happiness and mental well being. So I’m stuck: do I take the easy way out but accept responsibility for my mild depression and social standing, or do I suck it up, put myself out there, and enjoy the occasional payoff later on when I’ve made closer friendships?

The nature of being in college requires you to spend every waking moment of the day around people your age. So how can this be one of the loneliest places I’ve ever been? Did I choose the wrong school?…

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