Secret admirer.

Yup. I missed his birthday again. Over and over. Haizzz. This is kinda. Pathetic. I mean, I missed Kitty’s bday again.

Last year, I was the mystery secret admirer/Santa who placed a bar of Snicker in his mailbox without putting down my name. Just with his name and wish:

“Happy Birthday Sxxxxxx”

This year, I missed it, as I accidentally mixed up the time. It seems like still no one knows when is his birthday. No wishes on Facebook wall or whatsoever. I bumped into him today on the way doing some errands. I was with my make-ups and I looked like a total hipster, as I was gonna do a play in less than an hour. He was on the way out to dinner, apparently alone and he didn’t come to the play.

Therefore, this year I bought a box of Lindt chocolates for him. It is a bit pricy but I managed to get it only 25HKD. It’s fine. It’s totally worth it anyway. So, as usual I used the exact same type of paper and pen, placed ’em all in a bag and hang at his door.

I hope that will cheer him up a bit.


Few things.

There is a few things I want to address here today.

1. Angina

Lately, maybe since last week, I’ve experienced chest pain. Several times in different situation. I can feel the pain on my chest when I tried to breathe. It was scary. Crazy scary. I tried to breath really slow because it hurts. It comes and goes. Each time I can felt the pain at different place, but they are all at my chest. There is nothing I can do to ease the pain but to clutch my hand, place in, press hard against my chest. I can almost felt that I gonna die. I can smell my death during those moments. As it comes and goes, I don’t know what to do with it. If I ever die, *touch wood, I don’t think I have much regrets.

2. Choir comp

The choir group at my dorm that I’ve joined recently just received a news. We might want to join next year’s July choir competition at Austria!! I was ecstatic. But at the same time, I doubt myself if I ever manage to make the cut. I’m worried.

3. One year of knowing D.

November. It was 2012’s November. The exact date I don’t recall, but I remembered clearly it was November, where the cold comes and I was hoody all over like now. Now, it’s 15’C and probably the coldest I ever experience in HK.

10 Reasons Facebook Is Absolutely Backwards

There is nothing that I’m not agree with. My life is torn apart, partly destroyed by Facebook. Yet, I can’t ditch it because my projects are on Facebook. MY LIFE.

Thought Catalog

Let me just start by saying I went from the Queen of Facebook to quitting it absolutely. The longer I have been off of Facebook, the more absolutely horrifying I find what it has done to our gauge of what is acceptable in our relationships/personal disclosure. The fact that people even have to distinguish or discuss quitting Facebook should scare you enough; are we really so dependent on not several, but ONE social networking site that we actually cannot imagine our lives without it? I went from getting an impressive amount of Facebook encouragement (i.e. likes, comments, ad nauseum) to not missing it at all. If you, scarily enough, have ever even had to debate quitting Facebook, let me outline for you why and how you can quit it for good and not miss it one bit.

  1. Facebook has caused us to forget how to ACTUALLY communicate with people, especially…

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Midnight, I’ve got trouble sleeping
I’m making my way up to the street where we last kissed
In one hand, I hold a picture of you
In the other I hold the pieces of my heart
In the other I hold the pieces of my heart

Was my love not enough?
Did I ask too much?
As my heart turns to rust
Over you…

And so long, I have trouble sleeping
I can help but feeling
A little insecure
So unsure…

Was my love not enough?
Did I ask too much?
As my heart turns to rust
Over you…