A good day.

I spent slightly more than 2 hours of my time at Kitty’s room, because I need to test his guitar. But well, sadly the size is not right so I’m not going to buy his guitar. But time well spent. He’s cute. Genuinely cute. And I can see the sincere in his eyes. He really did look into my eyes as he strums his guitar. He’s really a nice guy, with everything (I guess almost) I want as a boyfriend.

I took a few peeks at his room. Clean and tidy. While the white board on his table placed with a few notes. One yellow post-it with purple writings particularly popped out. It was written “Happy Birthday Stanley!”. I remembered. It was me. It was last year’s November 29th 2012. I placed a dark chocolate snicker with that piece of paper into his mail box, without leaving my name, because I don’t want to be weird but I just want to cheer him up just a bit. I was glad, he still kept that piece of paper. Although it’s nothing, but it cheer me up a bit. But meantime, when I was trying to figure out when I did that(when is his bday), my brain told me it’s after I knew D. Yeahhh right brain you’re doing it right. My retarded brain just love to point to D.

But again, all I kept thinking is D.


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