We talked last night. Although the very next day I’d a big deal mid-term, I took the risk and I went to his room. I haven’t been seeing or talking to him for weeks. The overwhelming urge to see him, I can’t take it anymore. He is almost like a drug, a tranquilizer and I am addicted to him. I’m still, addicted to him.

In between convo, he sat right beside me, as both of our back against the wall on his bed, with the laptop on my lap. I was studying his face, hair and features again. I wanted to touch him but I hold myself back and that is the right thing to do. ‘You don’t want to push it too far.’ I kept repeating that mantra. He was so close to me but I felt so far away.

Some said, the eyes is the window to one’s soul. He still do look into my eyes when he talks and I never felt so close to someone.

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