Arousal, have you heard of it?

Recently, I’ve been aroused. I don’t mean the sex part, and I don’t have a penis so that I can jerk off and get rid of it or masturbate my pussy to get rid of that feelings. I mean the bodily arousal, overall feeling uneasy, heavy chest-kinda feelings, that seems no way to get off, maybe it’s a six sense? A bad sign? Stress? I don’t know and I’m not entirely sure on what to do/ how to deal with it. I’ve tried many ways. Go crazy violent in krav maga class? Checked. Drink a few shots? I’ll try tomorrow but I highly doubt this will works. Watch movies? Checked. Eat sweet stuffs? Checked. Sing at the top of my lungs? Checked. Not working, Talk to someone? That someone is not available. F.

What am I gonna do?

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