An Open Letter To The One I Believe I Still Love

Words from my heart. My open letter to D.

Thought Catalog

And so the feeling that we have been growing apart, slowly consumes me, we are indeed growing apart. We enjoy things without each other. We learn new things separately. We appreciate things not side by side anymore. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but we are really growing apart.

I wouldn’t like to think that I am the only one making an effort for us to stay together, I know you are too, but maybe all our efforts, even when combined, isn’t enough to get us through whatever phase this is that we seem so stuck on.
You go on doing your thing, I go doing mine. And there lies the problem, we don’t do things together anymore. I know when we are together it is all butterflies and rainbows once more, at least it is for me, but when we are apart, in its literal and figurative sense…

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