All I want.

Lying half comfortably( my back hurts due to long hours of working on presentation today)     (=_____=) in my bed, with the laptop on the bed-table, it’s 2.08am. Again, it’s mourning time, after a long day here and there, projects and assignments. My blog, my best ‘friend’ or best venting machine after all.

I had this momentary realization. Thinking of a bff of mine who recently got separated with her 2.5 years bf due to LDR and lost of sparks. However, soon after they broke up, she realized how important he is and she is kinda lost because she is too used to has a bf, knowing there always be someone there for her. And she felt really bad about that. Meanwhile I think that maybe having a bf will somehow clear up everything, my over-thinking, obsessions, and stuffs. I don’t have to eat alone. I know who to find when I’m sad or down. My life will be so much better!!

But wait, I almost forgotten about the fact that, no one wants me anyway. Well, what a depressing thought and I came to the conclusion that, no one loves me. I’m simply being a sad, pathetic single person where no one give a damn.

But all I want is simple. To find that somebody. Someone who love me, and I love that person too. At this moment, my heart cried a little.


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