Sometimes Being Single Isn’t Fun (Even When It’s A Choice)

Thought Catalog

Is it natural to want companionship? Or is it socially constructed? Perhaps it is both, and they both inform each other. I understand that we have now progressed to a society that can at least imagine that being unattached doesn’t have to mean misery. And it doesn’t. There are plenty of unattached happy people – young and old. I know this and you know this. But knowing this doesn’t always take away the temporary loneliness that you might feel on nights when you’ve been away from home for the better part of the day, and there is no one who left dinner waiting for you; no one to kiss you good night, and no one to fall asleep on the phone with.

I like to think of myself as being as “strong” as they come when it comes to being single. Granted, I am also as stubborn as a mule…

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