Slut day.

Since yesterday(or I should say the day before yesterday) I’ve not feeling so well, I guess the symptoms of malaria comes again. Shits. This is not good. Okay, now come back to topic. We’ve this welcome drinks thingy where everyone dresses like whores and sluts for an hour or two to takes shits of photos for whatsoever reasons. And yes I did slut up and I really looked different and pretty(I hope I am). And Miaomiao, the guy who I obsess with his cuteness, I managed to take some pictures with him. LIKE REALLY CUTE PICS ❤ ❤ ❤ He is tall, fair, not too lean or too bulky, but just nice the size for hugging. He is adorable, I love his smile and everyone knows I always have little crush on him. Even D knows about this, way before my confession to D. And yes they’re(pics) now all over facebook and I’m hoping to see D’s reactions towards those pictures. I want to know how he felt like.

And all I want now is someone to cuddle me, hug me, hold me close. I’m sick. Can someone hold me close and tell me “everything is gonna be alright.”?


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