4 Reasons Why Being Bisexual Is The Worst

Ohhh yeah. Problem problem =____=

Thought Catalog

Ohhhhhh bisexuality, why did you have to pick me? Before I start explaining to you why being bisexual can be extremely inconvenient and irritating, let me address a few common misconceptions:

  •  You’re not bisexual. You’re just confused. Alright sir or madam, now I’m sure between your infinite wisdom and the immense insight into the depths of my soul that you’ve received in the past three minutes we’ve been talking, you are qualified to tell me how confused or indecisive I am. Forget about the fact that society has been pressuring me to “just pick a side” for the past 10 years. Speaking of which…
  •  You cop-out; why don’t you just pick one already? Can you pick between How I Met Your Mother and The Voice on Monday nights? Well, maybe you can but I can’t. I flip that bitch back and forth like a mother fucker. Trying to “just pick…

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