Once again, I apologize for my absence. I just realized I’ve not been blogging for a week. What a new record. I mean, it’s kinda a good thing. That means, there isn’t any shits or rants to deal and talk about. Or any special happy stuffs to share. But today once again I am back here due to the fact that I should be a responsible blogger that blogs periodically so that I won’t lose my flairs on writing (or you may say, crapping).

My diction.  I don’t have it. I simply don’t have a distinct special voice for singing.

A few days ago, a friend of mine, J who is in the performance team in our dorm tried to persuade me to get audition for the singing/choir/band thingy. Before this, I saw the ad and I did thought of joining but I shrugged because I simply couldn’t read the scroll. Not mentioning, I am not professionally trained or even sing in choir since primary. But after a small talk with J who tried to convince me into it, my heart and brain was kinda having a debate again. I was struggling. So I need to ask someone who heard me singing before and will tell me the truth. So, I asked D whether I can sing.

“of coz. you need better diction sometimes, that’s all. and you need to learn to run some lines softer “

Yeah. I know I simply don’t have that. Because I don’t have my own voice. I can always try to impersonate others, guys songs girls songs whatever and I can do them well. Although not full song but I can say I am good enough and people are impressed sometimes because during some karaoke sessions people sometimes get shocked because I sang so much similar to the original singer. But the whole problem is that I want to be in a band and without my own diction, I can’t be in a band. I’m not good enough.

So, I’m like, well. It’s kinda sad but I just have to admit and let go of little dream of mine and move on. *sobsob


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