7 Reasons You’ll Love Someone

5. You find yourself caught in the comfort of having someone. You feign romance in place of the platonic-ness you don’t want to be the truth. You were taught the best relationships begin in friendships. You think you’ve found that. You push for it. You learn that pushing for love only works when there’s love to be yielded.

Thought Catalog

1. You’re lonely. They’re there. But you don’t think of it that way. They’re kind, and they soothe all your heart’s dents with their pretty smiles and warm hands and shallow promises of forever. You know it’s not right, but you know it’s right now, and you’re okay with loving someone like that for the time being.

2. Your mind chatters you into conviction about all the reasons that this someone is meant to be your someone. You see yourself in different puzzle-piece-like-bits, and that mindset is where this misunderstood love starts, because you start thinking you need someone whose puzzle pieces fit yours. But they aren’t stapled like that, and neither are you. But you will believe this, and you will fit that picture nicely together until you realize there’s more to you, and to them.

3. Your mind and soul and how they feel about someone are annihilated…

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