Hey stranger.

Yes. Stranger, how are you?

Recently I’ve found someone has been reading my blog quite constantly, like once every few days and it’s from US. I felt glad, at least some one in this world knows how I feel.

Interestingly, today I found out this particular visitor might be someone who knows me in person. This visitor, from US but he/she used Google Hong Kong, which gave me a clue that he/she might just changed his/her IP address. This makes me feeling, uncomfortable.

What I wrote here, it’s not meant for the people who knows me. This is the place I ‘bare’ and ‘strip’ myself naked. Those raw feelings and thoughts, unfiltered. Letting anyone who knows me read this, it will turn ugly.

“To whom may concerned, someone that I know and you know who you are, just my own paranoia strikes,

Please, reveal yourself to me. I won’t be mad, angry or anything. But please for the sake of all, please keep this blog for me as my little secret.

Love, vegan wolf.”


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