I’m kinda nervous.

I’m kinda scared. 

I was staring at the height pencil-marks that left on the wall in my room.

There are 4 marks (sorry this is an old one), Imageleft out one of my tallest friend in our sexy fat ass group. And I’m the shortest one.  I’m blessed that I managed to stay back in my room for the coming semester. So I don’t have to remove the pencil marks on my wall. It was his writing. I don’t want to take that away. I want to keep it there. 


Well, it’s about time where everyone is back to normal. It’s about time the school starts. One more week. And I’m now a sophomore. 3 more years to go.

Back to topic. I’m scared because he once told me that he might not be able to come back staying in our dorm anymore due to his study issue and family. I am scared and I have no idea what is his final decision or his family’s final decision. And this freaks me out. Due to our circumstances, I simply dare not to call him. 

Fear, again creeps me. And I’m worry. I’m not too sure I can handle it well if this goes wrong. I miss him. 










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