Human sexuality. What am I?

Today, I’ll talk about sexuality. Again. Few weeks ago, I bumped into this video. It was good. It explains better than a lots of video when they talks about human sexuality. And again, I am confused. I do identify my gender identity as female. Sex? Female. My romantic orientation? I admit, I’m still very much emotionally attached to D. My sexual orientation? Complicated. I used to call myself a surely straight girl, then I went through a lesbian phase, then a bi-sexual (but actually when I look up the correct term I should be calling myself is bi-curious, because I never tried before) I used to attracted to both man and woman, and now, today I was commented by my PhD friend that he was surprised that I did not check out the guys(some really good looking guys on the streets), as he observed me that I only look at people once, without checking them out again. This comment did startle me a bit. But to be honest, I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I was’t checking out guys anymore, and more like checking gals out. Therefore, now I felt sincerely weird with myself. Did I just turned into lesbian again? Sexual behavior? And I don’t feel like sexually attracted to D. And I felt like, odd. I wasn’t myself as before. I felt turn off when I saw dicks and kinda like watching lesbian porn more. I was never like this. And C, the gal from my Ghana trip. I kept thinking about asking her out. Shit. What’s wrong with me? I am confused. What am I?


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