Back to normal. <3

I called him, D last Sunday early morning, around 2am. Because I was stressed out and I really need someone to talk me out. He didn’t pick up but he did sent me a message evening that day, asking did I call him. And I have him called me last night. Because I don’t want to type it all out again and  I miss his voice. I haven’t been hearing his voice for 2 months. I want to hear him.

We chatted for almost half an hour over the phone. Most part is just me trying to explain that I am fine and malaria won’t kill me that fast/easy and me talk shit about people. It’s all about me. And like always, he knows what to say and he said the  right things and not judging. I really appreciates that. He did tried to make sure I am fine or not and wondered whether Ghana has changed me or not. I guess I’m not. I’m still me. He is relieved I’m still fine and good. I guess that’s a good thing.

“Still lots of profanity, so no worries~ “

But I guess I’m being all about me again. I guess I did a lot of this to him. I guess I really should ask him back how is he doing too.

But, I am scared. Because I’m might be not prepared to listen to them.

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