Lesbian Illusion.

I could be a lesbian. Or I’ll say I am bisexual. To be honest, my group mate/ roommate for 2 months in Ghana, C, she gives me the illusion of T, who was my previous high-school lesbian crush. She is tall and lean (thinner than me, her arms and legs are way slimmer than me!!), small boobs, pale face and sometimes blush. Sometimes with black simple framed spectacles or contact lens. She is taller than T. While she is very much athletic like T and active in all kinds of sports, which is unlike me who is bad at everything. She is studying government and law and politics, probably gonna be a lawyer soon.

Sounds sexy right?? Em, well. If I have nothing work/homework/serious jobs with her I might be friends with her, maybe my crush on her will be stronger. This is because of some grouping problems, I won’t want to be in group with her. But as a person, as a friend, she can be a good, nice one. But it seems like we’re no chance, because if is not intern, we won’t be meeting each others anyway.

When I first saw her, I wasn’t feeling anything. But the small gestures that she did, like holding my wrist when we cross the roads, hug me from my back, put her forehead on my back when we were sharing the front seat together for a few times … A few times I saw her changing her clothes from her back, naked. I felt kinda… weird… somewhat quite attracted to her naked back thin physique. To be honest, I kinda love it. Maybe it triggers my lesbian side seeing that. I notice her hairs and lips too. Somehow I felt like kissing them. Maybe try to feel how it felt like.

Conclusion, well, nothing happened yet.

If really anything, I’ll update in here too. 😉

Conclusion, well, nothing happened yet.


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