Burning at the back of my neck.

He probably doesn’t gave a shit. 

I have to constantly remind myself not to depend on him, or anyone else. Even my mom reminds me that I shouldn’t depend on others.

I cried again in the shower. That’s all I can do. I go cry in the shower. I can’t get my own private space now as I am sharing room with others.


I’m going back to the start again. I need to love myself more. It seems like my love for him is never enough and good for me. But the memories are so intoxicating. I am still trapped in this illusion. I am sincerely hoping he will care, but I am a fool. I keep poking at my own heart.

He is selfish.

I need to constantly remind myself this. I have to learn to love myself more.

I know I know.

 I can feel the burning at the back of my neck.


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