A few seconds matters when you’re talking about life and death.

Three days two nights journey to the Mole National Park. To be honest, it’s the most dangerous journey that I ever experienced since I am in Ghana. I never thought a simple road trip could be so complicated. The journey is long and tiring. The first night stay at Damongo was a total nightmare. We ended up staying at a hell hole, where there is no decent toilet and shower. And the worst is, I was flirt by some random drunk guy who kept saying wanted to marry me and I love you. While my friend, J  was there trying to convince him I have a fiancee who is mixed black american and while french for almost 20 minutes!! As we were too tired, ignored him and ran away. However, at near middle of night, we can see there was some random stranger who shone the light and peaked at our windows!! We were at first thought it was nothing, then we start hearing voice outside our door, knocking and requesting us to open the door because he wanted to chat with us!! THIS IS CRAZY!! He kept doing that for like a full 45 minutes but we won’t reply him until a certain point he tried to bang our door and open it!!!!We were startled and started to block the door with the sofa and took the deets spray with us as peper spray just in case. My friend couldn’t take it anymore and she scold him to go back his room rudely. It was a bad move but we were too late to take it back. Luckily he was too tired and too drunk to talk anymore and he decided to return to his room and leave us alone. To be honest, WE WERE FREAKED OUT BY THIS INCIDENT AND WE WERE FEAR FOR OUR LIVES.

Anyway, the next day we were off to Mole and it was amazing and we had a good night sleep (FINALLY!!). 

Day three, after our breakfast, as we were ready to go off, back to Kumasi, a Danish girl went amok as the driver suddenly said we are not stopping by Mampong, the place where the two Danish gals from, while we and other are from Kumasi. That danish girl go crazy angry and she was banging the hood, protesting, while another danish gal cried. It was havoc and they fought for more than 40 minutes. It was intense and we were the victims. Damn. Anyway, after they are fine, we were back on track. However, we were almost killed twice that day as the first time our car was trying to avoid another 4WD on a speed of near 130km/h. Imagine that. Our driver tried to turn his steering and the car lost control for about 2 seconds. I was thinking, I don’t want to die!!! Another incident was our car almost covered/hit with charcoal bags as that lorry overloaded with it and it got lost control when he tried to turn and stop at a side to check out it’s blown tyre. If it felt off 3 seconds earlier I could have died. It was, intense. My life.


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