Slim bitch.

Bff of mine back in Malaysia called me through Viber today. This is probably the longest time we ever not listening to each other’s voice since I left Malaysia. I miss her. I knew her since I was standard two, and ever since we are bff ever. I am blessed to know her. Oh I forgotten. We shall call her ‘banana’, or ‘slim bitch’. 

We talked for so long about guys again. But I can hear her voice, she’s been worrying. She told me about her eating habits recently. She admit the fact that she does has eating disorder, while it is more like a combo of both bulimia and anorexia. I knew and realized she has this disorder when she fell in love with a douche who is as slim as a bamboo shoot, as he is only 46kg. Therefore, we shall label him as 46kg guy. She went through quite gruesome dieting as to reduce her weight from 50kg to 42kg. This has slowly ‘consume’ her as diet has turned from a gruesome work to part-of-her-hobby/obsession. Ever since, she is always concern on how she looks like or how heavy she is. She could just go from skipping meals, eating oatmeal or few cucumbers only to eating more than 3000kcal at once, or more than 5 pastries at once, or even to some extent even she felt full already, she still felt like binge. But she felt disgusted and felt like vomit soon after she finished a big meal, but luckily she never use her fingers to purge(that’s what she told me, but I know in deep down she did that a few times before). She admit to me this time, and she is worry as this problem has been with her since she attended her university around September (9/9). She’s been busy than ever since university, as she has to work part time while doing her diploma and struggle to find money for her possible exchange program to Taiwan. Her workload is crazy damn lot as she is studying mass communication, she constantly need to do recording, translation, drama, etc.etc. She managed to be the top in the class although her life is damn hectic. She is almost a different person as now she never skip class, late for class, always pass up her homework, get real high marks in her class. She even felt shocking when she realized that how different she is now compared to her college A-level days. I’ll say she is no way like this. Well. As her friend, I’m worried.  


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