Hide and seek.


How can I find you
When you’re always hiding from yourself
Playing hide and seek with me
Till it gets too dark
Too dark, inside your shell
Why do I even try
When you take me for granted?
I should know better by now
When you call I already hear that crashing sound
As it all falls down

It’s never too late to turn it back around
Yeah I know you can
Don’t bury your demons deep in the ground
When it all falls down
The only way is up, up, up
The only way is up, up

I watch your spirit break
As it shatters into a million pieces
Just like glass I see right through you
And your parade of excuses
Feels like groundhog day
You say the same things over and over
There’s that look in your eye
And I hear that crashing sound
As it all falls down

Up by James Morrison featuring Jessie J.

I never understand this song’s lyrics until today. He ran. So far that I couldn’t reach. It’s my birthday. But now is already 1.10pm GHT/ 9.11pm HKT. He’s been switching offline on Facebook since yesterday. I’m not too sure this is a coincidence or he is trying to deflect me or what. He didn’t wish me, chat with me or reply me. Great. My heart breaks a little. I am sad. Now, I think my roomies are trying to make a surprise bday for me. They’ve been whispering here and there. But I’m actually in no mood to celebrate whatsoever. I don’t really mind others whether they remember or wish me bday or not. In deep down, I was hoping he’ll remember and wish me. He didn’t.

I am disappointed, sad and felt pathetic with myself. I am trying but it seems like I am being taken for granted. Maybe this is where I am repenting my sins as this is how I treat Adrian, a guy who crushed on me back in A level. And this is my karma. Maybe I really deserve this. And this is a hard. So hard that I felt as if there is a huge weight on my chest, crushing me, or someone keep poking my heart using needles repetitively. It hurts, but he simply don’t see that.

Avoidance. That what’s he do. And we are playing hide and seek.

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