Whisper my name.

“happy birthday mingzz what did you do in Ghana to celebrate?

I received this whatsapp message from D in our common group convo so called ‘sexy fat ass group’. This comes in quite late, almost 12am HKT. He obviously forgotten about my birthday. It so happen that he saw others wished me on that group.

“i did nothing. working on essay”

I was pissed at first. Because I was forgotten. Short and brief. That’s what I replied him.

“J didn’t say anything? Just work as normal?”

“i didn’t tell her. work as usual. im not in mood to celebrate”


“nah just not in mood. besides i think i still haven’t recover from malaria”

Before I could explain myself more my another good girl friend of mine, C crash in and asked me how was I doing and said sorry for not noticing I am in bad shape and stuffs. Before I could tell and explain more, she go straight to her own current problems after she went back to Malaysia. Damn. JUST LETMAA TALK!!!IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!! Fine. She really in shit, as her brother is not studying for his exam, while her parents are blaming this on her. There is something wrong with his bf too. Anyway conclusion she is in a bigger shit than I am. So I let her be. She deserve some attention.

Then I was threw a small surprise with 3 small little cakes. Actually I can tell they were secretive lately, especially J. She is a bad liar. And… I was splashed with water by my host brothers. Meh.  Anyway, things ended well but I am not too sure about what I feel.

Everyone here has been calling me E. That’s how I introduced myself to them, as I don’t really care about them. J calls me by my given name, but she pronounce it wrongly, but never mind her.

But D, he is different. He always call me ‘mingzz’. That’s my nickname that I created myself from high school. But no one really use it. No one can pronounce that. He is the only one who call me by that.

I miss him. I really miss him calling me that.


I can almost hear him whispers my name.

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