Blackout sharing session.

Yesterday night we have a night long blackout again. Well, I guess I’m pretty much used to it already. Whenever there is blackout, it means a sharing/gossip session for me and my temporary roomie in Ghana, J. She is one of the cherry pie of our little Malaysian HKU community where everyone adores her and share their secrets with her. I guess she is way more easy than I am. Anyway, she practically knows everyone’s little love life secrets so therefore this is my time to dig some dirt. MUAHAHA. Oh well, but not an easy task tho. Anyway, she shared with me her current/past? crush, who is a devoted christian medical student. Sounds awesome right? Not so much to J, after she came to Ghana, apparently she felt no longer that connected to Jesus. Funny thing. She is now a Christian/Buddhist. I have no idea what the hell is that. Anyway, recently she realized her crush’s father is a pastor. Knowing this fact, she felt very much scared and startled. She can’t tolerant to be with such a devoted christian(quote her words”I don’t want to serve god with him!!??”).

Anyway, after that, she kinda shoot me with a tough one.

       “So, what happened between you and D? “

She made it real hard for me. Leaving me no choice but to share my story.

‘I’m not prepare for this!!!’-my heart echos.

And I told her the story.

The story of how two best friends comes together and grows apart.



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