Birthday Outrage.

Hello world. It’s been a month. Since the day D and I made things clear. Coincidentally, today is my birthday. Today marks the day where I am now legally a twenty years old lady who still A0 , A means currently available and 0 means never been in a relationship before. Yeah…. Great….. I am now a 20-years-old old single virgin. Hooray for that.

But that didn’t bother me much. To avoid embarrassment and unnecessary surprises, I’ve hide my birthday and prohibited anyone to post any birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. This is more like a desperate move but anyway I don’t regret doing it and now, 5.56pm 4/7 GHT or 1.57am 5/7 HKT, other than my bff, slim bitch(thats how we call her) and a good friend back in high school wished me, it seems like no one really remember about it. Great.

I’m not too sure whether I should be happy or sad about this. But I’ve made my decision. I don’t feel like celebrating my birthday. With now me in Ghana, without him, without my friends and family, I just don’t feel like I wanted to. D has been ignoring me. He hasn’t been replying to my fb message, for like 10 days already. This is seriously pushing my button. I felt really sad and left out. I guess he just don’t care at all. Maybe I’m just another random friend of his. And he doesn’t seems to remember my birthday.

I’m not too sure what I meant to him anymore.

Besides, it seems like my suspected malaria hasn’t been really recover although I’ve finished all the meds. I can still feel the fever on my neck.

Conclusion: I am not in any sort of mood. Cut me some slacks. Bless me.


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