Some rants.

“I’m that horrible friend that reads your text then puts the phone down to do something and forgets to reply until 3 hou…”

He retweeted some celeb’s tweet and as Facebook status. That doesn’t make me feel better. I’m sorry to say this.  If you’re sincerely sorry, please. DO REPLY!! I’m kinda sick of this.

I’ve been receiving A’s Facebook messages recently(A used to crush on me /publicly into me back in GCE Alevel, which is…ALMOST 2 YEARS AGO??). He’s been concerning my well being in Ghana and very much interested in what am I doing here. The first thing in morning, I received A’s message as I woke up. He’s been very much trying to chat with me although I always reply him nonchalantly as I really have no what-so-interest in him and I’ll never want to give him any false hope. He’s been kind. But I’m never in to him. Actually I am hoping that the message notification is from D. But he never reply. He never do. I am putting myself in such situation where I am actually praying that he’ll reply to me while most part of my brain tells me he’ll never reply. Silly me, isn’t it? It is karma. I’m treating A badly while D is treating me badly.

Moral of the story: A deserve a better treatment. I shall be a good person, let him happy a bit as his birthday is like 2 days away (July 1).


Anyway, today is a bit of rough patch. A team mate cum roommie got malaria. One of our supervisors’ little daughter passed away a few days ago and we now only informed! I felt bad for not knowing but definitely paying respect first thing tomorrow. May god bless her soul.

Something is not right. I’m not sure whether it is psychosomatic effects or whatsoever. It’s just 8.21pm. I felt a bit off. Felt weak, slight feverish, tired, body ache. I can’t be sick now. But I suspect I  might be getting malaria too. Shits. This is not a good sign. Maybe I think too much and read too much about malaria.


Yesterday we had a blackout. Again. It’s pretty normal here. But I have some good talk with my bed-mie. She practically told me her love life/story to me. And some dirty secrets of others too. Which is a good thing. That means she trust me. After she finished, it’s already late night. She was expecting me to reciprocate therefore I told her some old college romance/bad romance that I had. But I don’t think I’m ready to tell my university’s romance. I don’t think it’s a good idea.


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