A new chapter at Ghana.

Finally, after 2-3 months of talking about this, here, now I’m at Kumasi, Ghana.

It took us a long journey of roughly almost 31hours from door-to-door from HK to our host family’s place. This is a place where filled with familiarity but at the same time distinct. This place is more or less like Malacca, Malaysia 10-15 years ago. Sunshine, hot humid weather, red soil, palm trees, it’s almost identical. But of course the people is black skinned. However, they are lovely, way more friendlier than I ever expected. What is bad is the mosqitos and the sun.


Rewind back to 5 minutes before my flight took off.

I took my chance again to call D up on the second time after the first failure. I prayed him to pick it up because I wanted to listen to him one last time and tell me it’s going to be fine and tell me last goodbye. He picked up the call for the second time. I was glad. I’m really scare that he won’t pick up my call but gladly he did. And….I gave my speech in hoping that will give him some confidence boost and he needed that. He was actually shocked hearing this but he appreciate it. But most importantly he said I can FB him when I got internet and that made my day. ❤


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