‘allow me to let you down lightly’

That’s what his status on whatsapp today. I don’t know how should I be feeling. All I felt is numb. Heaviness on my chest. I’ve been walking down the road with the new shoes that hurts my heels like shit, it cut through my heels and skins. I felt the pain but my brain is numb. I was in the public the whole morning and afternoon. I found out his status when I was chatting with my other friends, if I lose myself in front of them, I’ll be the crazy bitch that cries while dressing awkwardly formal.

I’m not sure what to do. I’m sorry I made him feel this way. I’m sorry I’m selfish. I’m falling to pieces. I’m sorry I’m weak. What choice do I have?  I wish it will be different.

me: i’m sorry
today at around half past 5 I was going to msg you and ask if you feel like talking about it
but I had to make a trip home today and have dinner there and I thought it would take more than an hour
I’m sorry for not responding properly. It was either that I was tired or that the timing was wrong.
I will be checking out tmr though, I still haven’t moved everything back home yet

it’s fine
yes i’ll like to see you
just give me a call tomorrow
Fingercross. I’m not too sure what will happen.

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