To build a home.

Today I spent my day with my brother and his girlfriend trying to build their new home by cleaning up his new found home and buying some household items. I spent my whole day being a no-wage-cleaner and jack of all trades.

At the beginning, I thought I was an idiot. Why would I want to volunteer myself to do dirty works. But today I felt like a family. Working together to do stuff, work things up. It’s almost like a family day. Just three of us.

I love to see how they both interact with each other. At first I thought they might not work out but they prove me wrong. They are right for each other.  I catch a glimpse of how they build their home. But of course they are both idiots at what to choose and what to buy and luckily I was there telling them what to do.

Honestly, I’m a bit j jealous of my second brother who is always been blessed and lucky with everything.

But I’m sincerely happy for him. He found his love. I hope I can find mine. I want to build my own home too.


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