Happy days.

21 May, Tuesday

He lied. Actually he has a exam on Thursday and I know I heard from him before but I thought i was just being mixed up with dates. He was actually trying to hide the fact that he has to retake this course again because he failed last semester and he want to save the embarrassment so he lied to me too. I was a bit furious when I found this out but I forgive him as I couldn’t be mad at him. He has the reason to lie anyway.

22 May, Wednesday, 11.10pm

He asked whether he can drop by my place for a bit. I said ” sure~~”. He is more than welcome to be in my room. I love to be around him. Makes me feeling safe and happy. In fact, I miss him dearly as I didn’t get my chance to see him for quite some time. I was actually trying to figure out how to draft my will when he came over. He said I should write one as I’m going that far and anything could goes wrong(touch wood). I am a psychotic person that thinks too much. I take up that suggestion immediately. But writing one is not easy. I also plan to leave behind some letters with words that I want to say to my dearests.

He sat on my bed and made himself really comfortable as if it’s his room. Like a child stealing all the pillows available all to himself and left nothing to me other than Teddy. He’s adorable. I love to see him laid back and play around with my pillows and we ate and guessed jellybeans flavours. He was so close to me by my side when I was watching some random youtube craps and we can almost kiss if I ever just turn my head. I wanted to rest my head on his shoulder.  I wasn’t been this happy for some time. We talked through the night till 3-ish am. He left his scent all over my pillows as he was hugging them the whole night. His scent gave me relief to my headache and brought me  sweet dreams.

23 May

It was quite a day. I woke up early for my final jab and I went to do some shopping with my second brother and his gf for their new home. They even bought a double bed that day. I was a bit jealous of my brother as they are so happy together and they are going to have a new chapter together real soon. Nevertheless, I wish them the best.

At night, I went out with my new bffs ky, yl, and him(but missing one friend). It’s kinda a farewell to ky as she was taking off the next day. We ate ice-cream, nice food, went shopping and window shopping together. I never felt so happy for quite some time. And of course, non-stop-camwhore. I want to take more pictures of him before I’m going to Ghana.

24 May

All five of us we went for McD breakfast before letting my friend go. All I did was thinking what if I was her. I can’t stop myself looking at him and I bet he realize it. I was studying his face, his features and his smiles. I tried to get them into my brain and remember all the details. I hope I can have the whole day just to allow me to stare at him. Sometimes I also find him staring at me too.  I will just look back at him and we will have this eye contacts that I hope that second will last forever. And he will be mine.


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