You know you’re turning local when…


Hong Kong Sucks

They’re having a whale of a time over at a popular HK expat forum…here’s some highlights…you know you’re turning into a HK local when…

– you see a long queue and instinctively join it in case you are missing out on something.

– you find yourself repeating ‘Take a rest’ and ‘eat’ pills when sick.

– you hit door close in the elevator before I am in the elevator myself.

– you use la on the end of sentences

– you walk your songbird to the park in your PJs.

– you stare at people, laugh, and use racial slurs

– you eat weak soup with macaroni, ham and peas for breakfast

– you spit bones onto tables

– you avoid sitting with ‘brown’ people.

– you burp loudly in public and think nothing of it.

– you spend half an hour squeezing and inspecting every orange in the supermarket…

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