(Awkward) Sex questions/conversation/preferences

Few nights ago, he gave me a bag of stuffs that I mentioned I need when I’m going to Ghana. Shower gels, sanitizers, mosqitos repellent. And of course, a condom. How thoughtful is that? == No that’s awkward. All this time he’s been talking about if I ever get laid at Ghana, I will never want others(have sex with people other than black) as he conclude that their penis size is so much bigger than others(asians) that I wouldn’t want other.  ORZ. Are we having this conversation again? I felt like smashing my head right to the table. Okay, as he might already know that I’m indeed a horny person but I am still a virgin and I’m very much in self-control and I won’t be having sex with random people (sorry to say this, I’m not into racial sex). and having this conversation again means I have to fake my laugh out loud badly to avoid awkward silence, tame my horniness and hide my shyness.

And the conversation got even deeper.  He started running through a list of sex questions he found online. * I still believe the master plan behind giving me a condom is to ask me these questions:

*T&C: mostly provided I’m drunk enough and my judgement is impaired. Yeah…..hard to tell…Maybe, maybe not. I’m not too sure how far I can go if I never tried before. These is just some my personal judgement on issues, more like thinking on matters not personal experiences.

1. threesome(mmf,ffm), orgy?

Hmm, actually I’m fine with threesome as long the third person is pretty enough. Orgy? I don’t think it is a great deal if I can accept threesome.

D: nahhh…. no, no for third person and no orgy. I’m not that confident with my own body public display.

2. blow job (give-will you initiate?, take, condom on/ off)

give-will you initiate?: LOL~~I don’t know~  * I was too shy to answer this because weeks before this I have this thought of giving him a blowjob and this thought never seems to go away. And I used to be disgusted by the fact of BJ but I wanted to blow him and taste him so much.

condom on/ off: em, I guess I’m not so sure but better with condom(I was trying to be conservative)

D: em, I don’t want both either. You know, STD spread this way. And I don’t want to taste myself when he/she kisses me after blowing me. * he is a clean freak I know == and I felt relieve a bit because I don’t have to blow him but at the same time my dream just broke a bit. Irony.

3. uniform/role-play

OF COURSE~ I think it is a total turn on. I love to be sexy~

D: yeah I guess but sometimes this is more restricted to girls I guess?

4. bondage

Em… Yeah why not? Those bondage stories always turn me on. I would love to have that. But probably not the extreme type but beginner type. It will add on spices to sex~~


5. anal

I don’t feel like being fucked in ass while I have a vagina.

D: I don’t want to fuck anyone in ass as that will be dirty and disgusting. Ewwww. Probably still can accept being fucked in ass. NO no I take back, that will hurt like shit and I don’t want my ass to crack.

6. public

Em… hard to say. Because HK is a dense city, it is hard to have public sex. It is not like you can have sex in a park without having people notice you. Toilet? NO WAY ITS SO DIRTY. Maybe changing room or car sex that will be still fine.

D: no, probably no…* I guess he really has issue with his own body


Oh well, having this conversation is not easy at all. He said he can control his horniness, he can turn on and off, like a switch with a flip* oh pls, I don’t think he can or any guys can, it’s not so easy, even for me. Anyone can comment about this?  Of course, he don’t like to fuck someone with weird sex face and ugly vagina/penis (I ‘m not too sure how to draw the line but I think it is kinda an instinct thing and ofc no one will like that). He has this disgust towards his friends (mostly gays) that fuck 3 person in one night( but he is fine with people having one night stand but not changing partners that often) and thought of not being friends with them anymore. I guess he still retain his purity and sanity very well and not being influenced by others. Most importantly when I thought he likes kinky stuffs, he’s more of vanilla. Hah. Interesting. Now I’m the one who’s being wild.

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