At the end.

Less than one month, we will be separated again. I’m going away to another foreign land and he’s going home for this summer. Bearing these thoughts, knowing that we are going to be apart for so long, I’m scared. Will he still remember me when the fall starts? Those happy days that we spent together. Will he still by my side when the fall starts? I don’t want this to be a spring love/crush, but I want more than that, I want him to be with me. But I couldn’t do anything as he’s not even mine and he can always leave me. This thought haunts me everyday. Should I be confessing before the spring ends? Confessing might be a good idea. It is one of the way to keep him, or lose him at instant. Am I going to take the chance?

Counting 14 days more. Our readmission back into our residence results will be out. I pray with my sincerest heart to god, don’t separate us. Let us to be together.

Next week, we are going to have our finals, so this week’s been lonely. Both of us are struggling and studying as hard as we could. Especially him. Failing his papers again will not be an option. He has to pass this time. And his readjusting body clock plan makes us impossible to meet up. Besides, I wouldn’t want to interrupt him, mess with him while he is studying.

Oh god. I miss him. We tried to message each other. But time line difference seems almost impossible to meet up. OH GOD. Ghana timezone is 8 hours later than HK. I wonder how are we going to communicate. I’m so deprived of him already. It’s only few days didn’t meet up. How am I going to face 2 months of separation??

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