Double Embarrassment Confession

Recently, someone started a facebook page that allows people to go public confession but remains anonymous at the same time. Everyone is crazy about this. Of course, including me. Those juicy gossips, trash talks, people’s confession to their crushes, love problems, etc. etc. It’s so exciting to see some funny confession. Oh well, that might just include me. I wrote a first one when I was being extremely emo and sad about us and I needed a place to spill the beans:


I fall in love with a really close guy friend. I never could tell him how I feel because he is confused with his sexuality. I’m scare of losing him as he is my everything now. We are at the grey area where things got unresolved. My heart aches and my eyes tears when I think about us. I love him so much. 


He saw it and he liked it. 

….. I was shocked. and embarrassed. I was really scare he will find out it was me.

Then, yesterday I had nothing to do and I decided to write another funny one but truth at the same time.


Pale white sometimes pinkish skin, smelling baby-scent of his, kissing his tenderly full-lips and we make love. **The above is just details of my gone-wild imaginations when I was sitting right in front of him (someone who I have a huge crush on) yesterday, casually chatting. I’m a girl and I’m ashamed of myself.


This time when that post is posted on our newsfeed, he was sitting right in front of me with his laptop on and on facebook. He read out loud to me and pointed out that was totally me. The first thing I thought is ‘IM FUCKED. DID I WROTE TOO MUCH DETAILS THAT HE CAN TELL THAT’s TOTALLY ME AND THAT’S MY WRITING??’ I just put up a laugh and said ” geeezzz why would I do that??!!”


*When I wrote till here, I just recalled, I talked about why baby smells like baby all the time in front of him yesterday. OH DOUBLE FUCKED. WHY AM I BEING SO CARELESS @@ THAT’S WHY HE POINTED OUT THAT JUST TOTALLY ME…..

The thing is, he really smells freaking good, like even he at the end of a day after a long day outside. PROBABLY SOMETHING IS WRONG ABOUT MY NOSE. That’s right and that made so much sense. 

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