You are in everything I do

Yesterday was a special day. He managed to be the MC for a speakers event. He looked smart, I love how he looks today. He is natural, he can speak so naturally in public that I wish I could be like him.

The speaker, Jing Wong, a talented musician/fashion designer. Things that he said, sometimes I think he is as if dedicate those words to me. His inspirational words somehow match my current situation. Oh well, as if he is a god!!

The speaker had sang few songs. But somehow, my heart felt so connected with that song. I felt a bit sourish.The lyrics somehow so relevant to how I feel. The song speaks my heart. I couldn’t help myself tried to turn my head to have a peek at him.

Looking from distance, I hope he can see me. Listen to that song. In deep down, I hope he feel how I felt.


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