I saw the photos. The messages. Sometimes, I can’t help myself to check on who you are chatting with. I know, they are works. You’ve been busy than ever. Writing, assignments, competitions and other commitments. You once said you want to quit everything, do nothing for the next semester. I tried stop you. Because I don’t want you to quit everything and things that you enjoy doing but stop doing them because you don’t have the time.

I worried, you might regret, you might turn up to be disgusted by my constant presence. You’re unlike me. Prefer everything being constant. You’re the thrill seeker. No I am a thrill seeker but somehow the idea of meeting new peoples, the uncertain future, it scares me. I prefer at my own comfort zone. You. I know that I always have the yearn to own you. To have you all to myself. But I know, that’s just me being selfish. I shouldn’t be doing that

I know. I’ve Ā been trying real hard to suppress my urges to have you stay with me. But you’re free man. Nothing can stop you from moving on. Seeing you meeting so many new people, I admits. I am scare. I am scare that you someday will just move on, and forget about how you used to felt about me.

I think too much again. We are not even a thing yet.


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