Sweet Nothing


4/4/13 2.29pm (last night thoughts)

This was the third day I slept so late, after 4am. I’m not sure why am I doing this again. But definitely, I’m a selfish one. I’m jealous. I want to act as if I am generous and I care less about your private life and relationship with others. I’m trying real hard to be supportive and give you confidence and assurance that you need, or when you’re in doubt. If I could, I want to help you get through things; I will like to give you anything and everything. But things, just doesn’t go that way. You have your difficulty, I have mine. All I could is just look into your eyes, try my best to console you. “There there. It’s gonna be fine. It’s okay.” With a few taps on your shoulder, arm, or wrist. I hope I did make you feel better. I couldn’t help much.

Seeing your face, that tired face but yet still forcing yourself into smile. Sometimes, I wanted to hold your face, ask you “are you okay?”

This time, you sang me ‘Sweet Nothing’ by Florence Welch, you look into my eyes and sang the song. That was intense. You didn’t even flick your eyes. Look right into my eyes. Definitely more than five seconds. I really love that moment, as if the time really stops. As if I could, I can bear to look at your face the whole day. Just like that.  ❤


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